Mosquito Air, Mosquito Helicopters

Personal Helicopter Market Round-up: The Mosquito

After reading an interesting series in Vertiflight Magazine (the subscription magazine for those of us in the American Helicopter Society), I thought it would be worthwhile to pull together a summary of the personal helicopter market.  In this series of poss, I will provide some basic information about the ultralight and microlight VTOL vehicles that […]

Martin Jetpacks in Dubai

VTOLforAll News: Dubai Buys 20 Martin Jetpacks

Those of us in the aviation industry are likely paying some attention to the goings on at the Dubai Airshow.  Well, a very interesting press release regarding an MOU for Martin Jetpacks caught my attention:  This is a very interesting, and perhaps predictable, development for a few reasons.  First, of course it’s Dubai.  The […]