Lilium Aviation

Introducing Lilium Aviation: Electric passenger VTOL aircraft

In what looks like a commercial civilian version of the Lightning Strike (Aurora Flight Sciences), Lilium Aviation is developing a beautiful distributed electric passenger VTOL aircraft.

Lilium Aviation
Lilium Aviation electric VTOL

Based in Germany, this small team of aerospace entrepreneurs and visionaries have designed and developed seven Lilium VTOL prototypes in two years.  Visit the product development page of their website for introductions to their three most important models, the Hexa, the Dragon, and the Falcon.


The main page features their Lilium jet, the product they hope will revolutionize personal transportation.

Lilium Jet
The Lilium Jet personal electric VTOL aircraft

The future looks bright for this young company, and they are hiring for a new of positions.

Lilium Aviation
Lilium Jet electric VTOL

I look forward to the day when I see more of these in the skies near me.  More to come on this exciting VTOL airacraft.

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