JB-9 Jetpack

JetPack Aviation’s JB-9: The Jetpack is Here

JetPack Aviation’s JB-9 is a game changer.  No smoke and mirrors, this is a real jetpack.

JB-9 Jetpack
JB-9 Jetpack, by JetPack Aviation


Real gas turbine engines, kerosine burning, 10 minutes flight time, light enough to be carried on the pilot’s back.  No lie, this is a real-life jetpack.


JetPack Aviation

JetPack Aviation

A quick read through the Jet Aviation website confirms that the JB-9 is the latest of a long evolution of jetpack products and prototypes spanning decades.  A team of two, David Mayman and Nelson Tyler, are the core of JetPack Aviation.  David is the pilot and businessman of the duo, Nelson is the technical power – having been a key contributer to the Bell Rocketbelt of old.  The two of them have been obsessed with jetpacks since they can remember, and together have invented the best jetpack I have seen yet.


Apparently, David and Nelson have been working on their JB-9 in private for some time, and only recently have they unveiled it more publicly.  The video below comes from a November 2015 flight near the statue of liberty in NYC where they were showing the JB-9 off for the first time.


This is truly exciting stuff.  For those of us who have also been obsessed with jetpacks since we can remember, this may be the company/duo/product we have been waiting for.  But wait, there’s more.


Next up: JB-10

The JetPack Aviation website, and a recent article by gizmag, made mention of a JB-10 in the works.  Apparently, the JB-10 is intended to enhance the JP-9’s design with some computer controlled stabalizing features (the JB-9 if piloted 100% manually with pushrods that move the gimbaled gas turbines for pitch and roll, and vector thrust for yaw).


For sale?

Not yet, but maybe in the future.  David and Nelson want to make a more consumer-friendly version before releasing this beast to the paying public.  With the high-performance capabilities of this thing, that’s seems a good idea.


Jetpack Racing

As an awesome interim step, JetPack Aviation is “in talks with a well known brand name” about creating a jetpack racing league.  Much like my last post on the Wyp Wingboard, this sounds like an appealing angle to get some financing and generate interest.  Ha.  As if the JB-9 will need help generating interest – it’s a freakin jetpack.


Needless to say, watch this space.  Jetpack Aviation is a stone’s throw from giving the world a legitimate jetpack.


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