WYP Aviation's Wingboard

Calling all Tailspin fans! Meet WYP Aviation’s Wingboard

In a slight departure from the zeitgeist of this site, let’s take a look at an awesome new flying concept WYP Aviation calls the Wingboard:

WYP Aviation and the Wingboard
WYP Aviation and the Wingboard

For those of you who grew up watching the cartoon Tailspin like me, this will be a very familiar concept.  The cartoon version looks like this:

Tailspin Wingboard
Tailspin Wingboard

For those of you less familiar with Tailspin, the basic concept here is pretty simple: the wingboard and rider are towed by an airplane much like a water-skier is towed by a boat.  The slight difference, of course, being that the wingboarder would be pulled aloft whereas our water-skiing friend would be skimming along on the surface of a body of water.


Not technically VTOL

Now, the wingboard clearly does not take off on it’s own power – which is really what we’re after here at VTOLforAll.  But, it’s pretty close.  It’s also a new concept that draws on a lot of existing, but different flight concepts/architectures.  I would call this a blend of sky surfing, wing suit flying, traditional aircraft gliding (at least the takeoff/launch system), jetman-style flying/design, and a host of non-aviation influences like wake-boarding, snowboarding, water skiing, skateboarding, etc.


Intro to the Wingboard and WYP Aviation

Here is a promo video introducing Wyp Aviation that features a 40% scale model Wingboard so you can get a better idea:


This is an exciting idea.  We all know that some of the world’s best ideas/inventions are the synthesis of many disparate yet similar technologies that are combined in a novel new way.  I like to think that Wyp Aviation’s Wingboard is one of these unique new combinations.


Create New Sport = Funding Potential

There is also potential here for the creation of a new sport.  In addition to being very cool to watch, this means that there is some serious funding potential.  Most aviation technologies aren’t cheap to develop, and usually struggle to find a market large enough to support their development costs.  However, advertising sponsorships for an entertaining new sport like Wingboarding could fund a lot of future development.  For this reason alone we should keep an eye on Mr. Wypyszynski and his Wingboard.  Perhaps he is inventing much more than a Wingboard…


More information:

Check out WYP Aviation’s website here for more information:  http://www.wypaviation.com/home.html

WYP Aviation’s Youtube channel is also very entertaining:


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