Mosquito Air, Mosquito Helicopters

Personal Helicopter Market Round-up: The Mosquito

After reading an interesting series in Vertiflight Magazine (the subscription magazine for those of us in the American Helicopter Society), I thought it would be worthwhile to pull together a summary of the personal helicopter market.  In this series of poss, I will provide some basic information about the ultralight and microlight VTOL vehicles that […]

VTOL Videos

VTOL Videos

YouTube is a one of my favorite places to browse for good personal VTOL aircraft concepts, projects, innovations, and everything else under the sun.  It’s amazing what you can find. The VTOL Videos page of this site will be a repository of fun and interesting VTOL – related videos for us.  Please send me links […]

Martin Jetpacks in Dubai

VTOLforAll News: Dubai Buys 20 Martin Jetpacks

Those of us in the aviation industry are likely paying some attention to the goings on at the Dubai Airshow.  Well, a very interesting press release regarding an MOU for Martin Jetpacks caught my attention:  This is a very interesting, and perhaps predictable, development for a few reasons.  First, of course it’s Dubai.  The […]